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A dynamic-minded run

October 14, 2011

Sunny crisp october afternoon, with bright orange horizon, just after sunset. Wonderful view of the rocky archipelago from the top of the hill. Göteborg has plenty to offer for the nature loving runner. Fresh shoes, Saucony PowerGrid Cortana straight from the box. Not a trail shoe but rather for smoothe rides, lovely fit and cushioning. But my urge for trail running was strong, soo goodbye white shoes. And goodbye square-minded run! Instead of falling into patterns of ‘passive running without chosing’ I run in the now, making decisions on the run. My being is the running experience, and not occupied with the usual stream of thoughts. Interesting to see how the run turns out, where it goes…

Running only for the beauty of running. Photo: Dan Kullberg. Runner: me. Location: Zermatt

It’s true, you don’t need a soft cushioned shoe for really soft terrain, like the cushy rug below the pines. But it’s the actual running that counts, the material is secondary. Let’s keep it like that. Reaching the 30 minute mark it was time to turn back, didn’t want to miss fish for dinner. Swithching to dirt road and wide trail, back to music, focusing on running form: relaxed shoulders, erect body and chest, relaxed face, relaxed arms, pushing the waist forward, against the body’s tendency to curve, watching so that my feet don’t overtake my knees, landing with bent knees, pushing backwards, attentive of the toe-offs and the brief moments of being airborne. I read that somewhere: that your running experience will lighten if you focus on the airy moments instead of being on the ground.

The run became a mix of nice things: trail running joy; beautiful autumn nature experiences; running form discipline; shoe testing; I even stopped a few times for some push-ups. The run filled me with a wonderful feel for running and re-connecting with my love for running, no matter being somewhat out of shape due to my knee injury. You can approach your running sessions like a musician playing his instrument, exploring its possibilities, improvising, listening, testing new ways to play. Playing is the key word. When you play you will let go of preconceptions, of how running should be, but instead enjoy how it is.

And…If you’re interested in UltraTrail Races, check out Diagonale des Fous the classic race which takes place on the island of Reunion Oct 13-16.

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  1. October 14, 2011 10:47

    hey Fred

    more posts please !

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