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Run and be young

October 17, 2011

Since New Balance started developing running shoes with minimalist ultratrail runner Tony Krupicka NB has become a cutting edge running brand, also for trail runners with minimalist preferences. Photo: New Balance

As a participant in ultratrail races you feel young. Many ultra-events have an average participant age of 43 years, or more. I have written before about the general peak of runners being 27 years, and that you’re potentially on the same level at 65 as you were at 19. This fact would probably make some re-consider running at least a few more years, like 10 or 20. Even at 100 you can run marathons, like Fauja Singh. Read the article.

Maybe you have heard of Marco Olmo, the italian ultra runner, who twice won the prestigious ultratrail race UTMB just a few years ago, aged 58 and 59. Quite inspiring! I met Marco Olmo during MDS 2009, he is a softspoken man with a laconic sense of humour. I also remember his running style: keeping a steady pace, moving up the field like a machine, not blowing out early, passing me with light stride and short steps during the first stage through the sand dunes. Every stage it was the same scenario: him leading a small pack of runners, who knew Olmo was a great pacer.

Marathons, ultratrails and multi-day adventure marathons proves running is a democratic sport: all ages compete and experience can outweight youth. Just having started running in 1999 I was assigned to cover the MDS for swedish Runner’s World, as a reporter & photographer. Standing beside and watching runners in their 70’s, participants with leg-proteses and even blind runners I had to ask myself: if they can do it, I must be able too.

Today is a grey day. But the autumn colors are waiting for me in the forest. The trails are slippery with wet leaves. But I can assure you it will be a wonderful run. Because I will be wearing running candy in the form of the New Balance Minimus Trail version 2, weighting just 130g, in US 9,5. Woman size 7 is 100 g. My humble prediction is that this shoe will position New Balance as THE cutting edge running brand.

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  1. October 17, 2011 12:10

    more posts – fred, more…….

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