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Getting wet or staying dry

October 23, 2011

Splash! Hit the trails without fear, or run on dry land. Photo: Fredrik Ö

When it’s raining cats and dogs I understand if you prefer to stay indoors. But running in the rain can be a different experience, adding to the palette of running. During the warmer season a little bit of rain is hardly an issue, but running wet in temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius is rather inconvenient, adding an awkward taste to the run. If you choose to run anyway, here is how to stay dry:

Use a cap to avoid getting rain drops in the face. A cap will also enable you to run without a grinning face. If you don’t have a Gore tex running cap you can use a regular cap and cover it with a shower cap, an item you always can bring in your running pack/pocket, since it’s ultra light and foldable.

Running shoes with Gore-Tex is a lovely invention. Another simple and reliable waterproof “rain gear” I have seen on adventure racers is plastic bags over the socks, which you secure with tape on the lower leg. SealSkinz waterproof socks is of course a more durable and stylish option. Since water adds to the chill factor you might want to keep your hands dry. If you don’t have waterproof running gloves, plain plastic painting gloves will do the trick, at least for a while.

This ultra light windstopper running jacket from Gore Running has a tight but flexible fit and ventilated back. Photo: Fredrik Ö

Most brands has waterproof running tights, both thin and thicker ones. More important is the top. Few if any waterproof tops are breathable enough for running. Recently more brands have released running jackets and shirts with wind- and waterproof front, arms and shoulders, but with breathable mesh in the back. Chaeck out Gore Running products, and their new Active Shell, a  breathable membrane for more intense activities like running.

Autumn trail running means wet trails. Head instead for higher points like slopes and ridges which offers dry trails. With a little planning you can create a run without too many muddy puddles. If you don’t like running with wet and colf feet, bring an extra pair of socks and chose dryer trails for the remaining part of the run.

However, getting wet and dirty is part of the fun and will give extra flavour to your run. Just make sure you don’t bring your brand new white road shoes. And if you happen to be in flooded parts of Thailand, here is some advice before going for a run.

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  1. October 24, 2011 7:01

    great , fred as always very nice small posts ! Love it

    did you get my book…

    Jacob Hastrup

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