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Superfood: Food for Superheroes

October 27, 2011

I have written before about David Wolfe, the charismatic Raw & Superfood Superstar, and a leading authority on Raw Superfoods. Last week he visited Göteborg, as part of a European tour. David Wolfe is an evangelist of the living, of life in its purest form: raw, organic superfood and spring water, preferably straight from the source.
– You come to a point when you have to stop eating dead foods, and chose to eat living foods, or even better: wild foods. You can make yourself a wild grass juice. You can even eat grass raw if you mix it with walnuts, almonds or pumkin seeds in your mouth.

Raw Power Nature Boy David Wolfe: "It's against my ethics not to mention medicinal mushrooms. It's food for your immune system."

Go back to the original water: spring water! says Wolfe, who has been researching “life force energy” around the world the last 2 decades, studying ancient cultures and their use of superfoods. He has written several books about Superfoods, Eating for beauty, Raw cacao etc.
– Guess which is the main ingredient in tap water? Used toilet paper. The underground pipes are full of waste and chemicals. Get a water filter or else you become one.

Wolfe talks about ‘Levity’ being a greater force than ‘Gravity’: “We need to eat food of Levitation, using the apple as an example: why didn’t Newton instead ask himself how the apple ended up in the tree?” After his book about superfoods Wolfe’s next book project was supposed to be about ‘superherbs’, but he narrowed it down to one medicinal mushroom, the Chaga mushroom that, just like most other medicinal mushrooms, grow out of trees. David Wolfe with Chaga photo.
– It’s actually against my ethics not to mention medicinal mushrooms, the most powerful anti-cancer foods there are. I have eaten them to such an extent that I have become permanently immune.

Since the episode when he was cornered by a “health nut” in a health food store and quizzed about medicinal mushrooms David Wolfe has studied extensively and become a master in medicinal mushrooms: Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, Shiitake etc.
–  The tree mushrooms are the safest & best natural medicine you can find. I drink chaga everywhere I go in the world. You dry the tree mushrooms up-side down in the sun, then you process them through water. You don’t need to boil them, just let them sap in +50°C water is enough to extract the substances you’re looking for. The dried chaga powder lasts 2 years. You can mix it with Reishi, and men can add some dried nettle root, for their prostate health. Reishi, by the way, is the most studied “plant” in history. You can find this magic and elusive mushroom in all forestal eco-systems.

If you’re interested in learning more about David Wolfe and his findings, I’m sure you can find lots on the Internet and check out his books. You should also google Chaga mushrooms.

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