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Kurs i löpteknik: Bli bättre löpare med löpcoaching i Göteborg

March 13, 2012

Running free with nature. Photo: Peder Sundström. Runner: me. Location: Utah

Do I believe that all runners would benefit from switching to forefoot running – also the average-once-a-week- jogger? The question isn’t all that simple, I answered the sports physiotherapist across the table. I don’t coach primarily to spread the gospel of forefoot running. There are many reasons to listen to the advice of experienced runners. Having worked with running and explored ‘what running can be’ for more than 13 years I can point out new perspectives on running. Playing while running and ‘having fun’ is one possibility many adults seem to have forgot. In the state of play you can run relaxed, letting go of limiting mental images. In the beginning of each session I use to tell my clients to “dance like Mohammad Ali”, relaxed with bouncing, flexible feet.

Instead on performance focus on the running feeling and "ride" the trails.Photo: Peder Sundström. Runners: Fredrik Ö and Travis Macy. Location: Arches, Utah.

The mental images of “what running should be like” prohibit many runners to experience the joy of running. As a runner you can experiment with running and try new ways to run. As a coach I can bring you out of your comfort zone and into new situations, where running will be the mode of traveling, to reach beautiful places. But let’s talk about the running experience, when you are aware of how you move your body, aware of how hard your feet meet the ground, how flexible your knees are, how you move your arms, where you have your shoulders, trying to run in a beautful way, erect with relaxed shoulders, waist forward, slightly bent legs, open chest, proud shin, careful, smooth strides, relaxed forehead – and thumbs pointing forward. This last advice with the thumbs will help you to correct your shoulders and elbows. Try it next time you run!

In other words: I will remind you to be attentive. Where is your mind, and where is your body? Forget about your old images of running! Insted: invent and explore running! Let running bring you to wonderful places and enjoy the journey, like it’s a “ride”, and at least for a brief moment you will feel the joy of running.

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