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Löpcoachning för bättre löpupplevelse och bättre löpteknik

May 29, 2012

At the end of today’s coaching session, the first out of three for a group of four women, one of them experienced something that could be called “running euphoria”. She bursted into laughter having felt lightness and ease in her running for the first time. “I didn’t know I had soo much running in me” she smiled overwhelmed. Being able to help her discover “running euphoria” tells me I’m on the right track with my version of running coaching.

Slottsskogen, the main park, was crowded with runners and various running groups, enjoying the afternoon sun this crisp summer evening. Ideal for learning to enjoy the running experience.

First I recorded their running styles with a video camera. Then we ran barefoot in the grass. Getting into the feeling. Correcting posture and stride. Running tall and relaxed.

We talked about consciousness, running with a present mind. Focusing on the movements, the “running form”. But also about awareness of thoughts and feelings that runs through our minds. I tried to explain that running can be an act of beauty, an aesthetic experience. That if if you can find a beautiful feeling in your running, you have aquired the ability of enjoying the running act, which will lure you into running again and again, out of pure desire. That’s a good start.

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