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Löpteknik: Running Play vs Running Problem

June 7, 2012

Free running on the rocks. Trail running can help you relax and just have fun, not having to worry about “how it should be”. Photo: Fredrik Ölmqvist. Runners: Martin Flinta and Eva Nyström. Location: The island of Marstrand, Sweden

During a recent coaching session I brought the group to my favourite secret trails, showing the beauty of trail running. Running technical trails you need to stay focused and run relaxed, “riding” natures shapes. Going down I shouted: “Dance! Play! Run like children. Have fun!

I believe you will discover new dimensions in your running if you leave the typical serious quest for runners: “running as a problem”, the never-ceasing demands on running, or never-ceasing unsatisfaction. Instead you can run “as it is”, enjoying the moment, and even playing with the moment, how difficult it may be. Think of running as a child: add play and it will be happy! In this perspective even racing can be a joyful experience. So next time you go for a run, try to have fun. You will see how the serious mind disappears when you run relaxed & Play. (link to playful running video clip with Kilian Jornet & friends)

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