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Löpskola: Run with your heart and soul

June 17, 2012

Make your run magical. Not “just run” but run with you heart and soul. Photo: Fredrik Ölmqvist. Runner: Cecilia Jeverstam. Location: Göteborg, Sweden

Running is never a purely physical act. There is always the mind, playing it’s tricks. However, you can run more or less with mindful presence. In my coaching sessions I tell my clients to run with a good posture, conscious about their running technique, but also to run relaxed with soft movements. This is not easy, but who said running is easy?

We also practise to run with a “beautiful style”. This actually means expressing an image or feeling of how you want your running to be. In my own running I often search for this beautiful feeling. According to me, practising to run relaxed and smooth is not only about running with a good technique, but also with your heart. The famous Nike slogan “Just Do it!” works well as starting fuel, as a sparkle. To get you on your feet. But, just like sex, it’s not worth a lot if you don’t do it with your heart. So, not “just run”, but run with your heart and soul. Express beauty with your body. Run with magical strides and let this beauty propel you forward. This is what running really is for me, or at least the part of running I’m concerned about. That’s also why I’m working as a running coach: to help others discover this dimension af running. Running not only as exercise but as an experience. The possibility of entering an enchanted place or mode. Ultimately expressing who you are. Or at least who you want to be.

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  1. ramuay permalink
    June 17, 2012 13:23

    For me running is freedom, being able to switch off, enjoying the music as I head into the tracks of the forest, absolutely love it, just a shame an ankle injury is keeping me at bay. Counting down the days until I can head back out there. Until then, your blog will fill in the void

    • fredrikolmqvist permalink*
      June 17, 2012 19:26

      I Agree, running can be a great vehicle for exploring your freedom. For me it started with trail running, free running and different aspects of adventure running. But I have discovered that there is freedom to be found also in “flat running”, as I try to express in the post.

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