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Löpskolan: Skyrunning in style

August 15, 2012

Pics from the Vertical K ascent. Photo credits: Arcteryx

When it’s pouring down, thank God for Gore-Tex! I wear a lightweight running jacket from Arcteryx. However I wish I’d also brought waterproof shorts and running cap. Soon I’m completely soaked. Functional waterproof gear is definitely essential. Even more so if you’re in the mountains, where you need to be prepared for “bad” weather and sudden temperature drops.

Recently I had the pleasure to attend a product presentation of the Arcteryx 2013 running line, deep into the Spanish Pyrenées, more exactly in Pont de Suert, where the Skyrunning World Championships 2012 was held. As you might know Arcteryx is a top brand for climbing & skiing clothes, packs and harnests, known for cutting edge innovation, design and functionality.

Trail running editor Bryon Powell from popular website

I have been using their running clothes a few years now and I really like the lightweight and airy feel & fit. I was therefore quite curious to see what their product developers had come up with. Spring 2013 Arcteryx will have an extended product line for running, with a wide variety of running clothes for different types of running in cold, wet, dry and hot conditions.

Arcteryx seems to approach running with the goal to use materials with the best breathability possible, and cut them into the best fit possible. I wasn’t the only one to instantly fall in love with the Cita (W) / Incendo (M) Jacket, a trim fit lightweight windshell with mesh panels and minimal pack size. What most impressed me was the silent, stretchy and breathable Luminara fabric with some water repellent abilities. The Arcteryx designers have understood that runners want windshells with some airflow, thus chosing materials that are somewhat less than 100 % windproof.

We also got to try out the gear, hiking and running the 2012 Skyrunning Vertical K race course with some of their mountain running athletes. Normally a functional Tee would get pretty soaked after a feat like that but the Arcteryx Tee excelled in moisture management. The shorts was lightweight and airy, but I personally prefer running shorts with short legs. The lasting impression is that Arcteryx makes very stylish and functional clothes for runners of all categories. Also the 7 litre packs with protective and breathable back-plate worked really well for running. The running dresses also seemed comfortable, but unfortunatley I didn’t get any chance to try them out for a run.

Link to Arcteryx website

Link to the official Skyrunning website

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