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Löpcoachning: Spring perfekt från första steget!

August 29, 2012

Catch me if you can!
Trail running is all about having fun. Don’t let running become only work and no play. Instead, be creative and active. Create and improvise! My running coaching will give you tools to surprise yourself and make your running more interesting. Photo: Fredrik Ölmqvist

The other day I was coaching two young and very athletic medicine students. While working in northerst part of Norway they recently had discovered the beauty of running. One of them, a former football player, actually came 7th in Midnattsloppet, a popular (14 000 runners) 10 K evening race in the heart of Göteborg, which took place Aug 25th. Quite impressive especially for not being a competitive runner. Anyway. We went for a run in the sunset with beautiful trails, lots of climbs and practising running form on groomed trails. Paying attention to posture was particularly new to them.

We also got to practise downhill running technique. I showed how to flex the knees and shorten the stride, enabling a 90° body angle towards the ground. However, the joy of running free and playing got the best of us as we raced down the steep and gnarly trail, laughing and shouting. Traditional running programs and running coaching tend to neglect this the most important aspect: having fun!

My pick: the Montrail Bajada is a truly versatile running shoe. The outsole with many small rubber lugs will provide good traction on trail and the flexible midsole gives a great running feel. The midsole has enough cushioning for harder surfaces but at the same time the neutral Bajada isn’t too stable or heavy. Size-wise the last is normal as is the sizing: the US 9 is a standard US 9. Since I run on all kinds of surfaces on a typical run, the Bajada gives me the perfect mix of freedom, lightness, support and protection. Facts size US 9. Weight: 290 g. Profile: heel-toe 31-22 mm. (for really rugged trails the profile is a bit high though)

Maybe the most difficult part of practising running posture is to run with good technique – and relaxed! Especially in the beginning when you’re busy trying to correct “the 6 steps” from head to toe. But you can also try to run relaxed to begin with. I have this idea of “running 10 perfect metres”. It means in theory that I’m completely satisfied if I can run the first 10 metres of my run with total mindfulness and ease, floating softly and gracefully with erect posture, relaxed forehead and spider light limbs. So my advise is: the next time you go for a run, try to run the first 10 metres as beautiful as you can, and “release yourself” forward. Running can be a magical experience. And you’re the creator.

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