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Mont-Blanc wrap up

September 3, 2012

Photo credtis The North Face Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc

Press Release Race Org. September 2

As the sun shines once again upon Chamonix it is time to establish an initial assessment after the arrival of the last finishers on Saturday night shortly before the Place du Triangle de l’Amitie. “It is in the spirit of trail running and mountains to adapt to weather conditions. This year volunteers, organizers and athletes have had their plans disrupted by bad weather, but everyone was able to adjust, and everything went smoothly in the end. “After a few hours of apprehension due to weather disturbances and changes to the course, Catherine Poletti and the organizing committee of the North Face ® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc ® can now breathe. Despite suppression of the major high points of course, sometimes encumbered by drifts of 40 cm of snow, like at the Col de la Seigne, organizers have nevertheless preserved the original spirit of the world summit in trail running, and the 15 municipalities were traversed by at least one of the four races. The athletes, 2000 volunteers and 15 communities gathered out on the terrain to play the game braving the elements in hopes of reaching the different finish lines.

Francois D-Haene winner of the 10th TNFUTMB. He is the second frenchman to win the race after Vincent Delabarre who won the race in 2004.

The TDS, the only race of the weekend to have maintained it’s original course in its entirety, had the highest number of abandons with nearly 57% of the athletes dropping out of the race. Dawa Sherpa and Agnes Hervé were the main heroes of this race along with the other 631 finishers.

The CCC crowned two new athletes in the competition: Spanish Tofol Castaner and Scottish Ellie Greenwood. Following them were 1582 competitors to cross the line despite the rain, glacial wind, mud and darkness.

The UTMB saw its route shorted to 100km over 5300 vertical meters. The deception was quickly replaced by an intense and emotional start in the hearts of the 2482 runners. François d’Haene proved the most skillful and fastest in the night, while Lizzy Hawker did not find an opponent who was up to par for the girls. She won her 5th title beating the majority of her male counterparts (16th overall, only 1:57:39 behind the winner).

The PTL also knew many difficult hours juggling with atrocious weather and having to anticipate dangerous situations. Even if the ascension of the main summits, like the Col de l’Ane at 3033meters – the highest pass on the course, left unforgettable memories for the 67 teams, the night from Friday to Saturday was more than chaotic. Only 5 teams reached the summit of Col de la Seigne (2516m) with knee-deep snow. The rest of the group was deviated from the original route via the UTMB course in reverse.

TDS™ – 114 km – 7150 vertical meters (classic route 112 km – 7150 vertical meters). 1465 took the start, 125 of which were women. 629 finishers. 836 abandons
1- Dawa SHERPA – Népal – 14:37:07
2- Lionel TRIVEL TEAM – FR – 15:05:26
3- Antoine GUILLON – FR – 15:05:28


1- Agnès HERVE – FR – 19:07:00
2- Juliette BLANCHET – FR – 19:39:53
3- Alessandra CARLINI – IT – 20:32:14

CCC® – 86 km – 5998 vertical meters (classic route 100 km – 5950 vertical meters). 1913 took the start, 255 of which were women. 1582 finishers. 331 abandons

1- Tofol CASTANER BERNAT – ES – 08:57:04
2 – Mikael PASERO – FR – 09:39:06
3- Nicolas PIANET – FR – 09:39:38

1 – Ellie GREENWOOD – UK – 11:17:24
2- Maud COMBARIEU – FR – 11:51:40
3- Maud GOBERT – FR – 11:56:42

UTMB® – 103,42 km – 5862 vertical meters (classic route168 km – 9600 vertical meters). 2482 took the start, 215 of which were women. Number of finishers and abandons in progress

1- François D’HAENE – FR – 10:32:36
2- Jonas BUUD – SE – 11:03:19
3- Michael FOOTE – USA – 11:19:00

1- Elizabeth HAWKER – UK – 12:32:13
2- Francesca CANEPA – IT – 13:17:01
3- Emma ROCA – ES – 13:23:37

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