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Ö-löpning: Archipelago racing in Sweden

September 4, 2012

Photo credtis Ö-till-Ö.

The Swedish coast with its many islands invites to a race format which best could be described as “trail running and open water swimming duathlon”.

In the outer archipelago of Stockholm there is the popular Ö-till-Ö race (Island-to-Island), were teams of two swim between 19 islands and run across them. The total distance is 64 K, of which 10 K is swimming. The 2012 edition took place September 3. Conditions with sun, winds and some counter currents made the race slightly slower. 64 teams finished. More news about the race on the facebook page.

Since this year we have similar races in the west coast of Sweden. Aug 4 saw the first edition of Öloppet, located just outside Göteborg. The race course with 17 swim sections was in total 35,3 K.

Photo credits: Ö-till-Ö

Another wet race on the west coast is Wet Rock Race, taking place between Gullhomen and Käringön. Teams of two cover 10 K with 600 m swimming.

In Ångaloppet, south of Stockholm, teams of two cover 12 islands, 23 K trail running and 2000 m swimming.

Amfibiemannen, also in the mid-east part of Sweden, has 9 swim sections total 5400 m and 22 K running.

Talking about duathlon, I take the opportunity to celebrate our recent Swedish World Champion Eva Nyström, who pulled off a brillant performance the past weekend and won the 24th ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships in Zofingen.

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