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Kullamannen: Ladonia Crossing May 11, 2013. Get prepared!

October 8, 2012

Welcome to Ladonia! When entering the “Death Zone” you will stumble across some “technical” trails. Watch your head! And hands! And legs! Photo: L.Vilks

Ladonia Crossing is a coastline ultra-trail over +45 kilometres with approx +2000m ascent. Race location is Kullaberg peninsula, a breathtaking, mythical area in southern Sweden. Recently it was selected as one of the races in Lost World Trail Series.

Race director Per Sjögren, a passionate mountain runner himself, has earned quite a reputation among Swedish trail runners for his habit of creating tough and beautiful mountain races in a region known for it’s plains rather than hills.
– Some people say Kullaberg is the most beutiful area and race in the country, other say its the toughest race they’ve done. Most people say it doesn’t look like any part of Sweden, but everyone like the spirit of the event.

I (Fredrik) have participated in several of Per’s events and I must say that his races truly celebrate the soul of mountain running. The trails are very steep – you’ll need strong legs and strong heart! But it’s always fun experience and you never know what to expect.

The dragons back profile of the last 16 K’s. Kullaberg Ultra is not for the faint hearted.

There is no doubt trail running and ultra-running has become popular in Sweden. It seems that Kullamannen will be THE race of the year, with many runners signing-up already six months prior the race, just to make sure they won’t miss it. Especially I’m looking forward running with Rune Larsson, three-times winner of Spartathlon and Swedish ultra running legend.

When you arrive in the small village Arild, a popular summer destination since early 20th century, you will be pampared with refreshments, hors d’oeuvres & Swedish smorgasbord.

Runners can expect very challenging terrain. The last 7k on the north part of the peninsula is like running on a dragons back with very steep cliffs to the left.
– We love the area since our childhood and think the trail and the forgotten paths are optimal for mountain running, says Per Sjögren, who between 2001-2010 held a legendary race named Ladonia Mountain Trophy.¨
– The soul of the race is built on a myth since year 1202 about a powerful man that rules on the mountain: Kullamannen. He sends the ships to the deep and let people fell from the cliffs and die, he explaines.

Lord Cardigan

There are also two other, shorter courses, which are limited to 673 persons.
– Its equal number of Lord Cardigans men for the charge of the light brigade, in to the valley of death at Balaclava 1854, says Per, a former army officer .
– 119 men still stand afterwards.

Starting 2013 Ladonia Crossing (‘Kullamannen’ is the Swedish name of the race) will be part of Lost Worlds Trail Series.
– I’m very pleased we can offer an authentic, rich and fun Scandinavian experience, says Tim Holmstrom, director of Lost Worlds Trail Series.
Lost Worlds Trail guests will visit 3 countries for this race: Denmark, Sweden and the imaginary micro-nation of Ladonia! They can experience the late light, Swedish treats and live to tell about the spectacular “death zone” in the Ladonia area!
– Usually we pick 100 K races, but this race is very challenging. I really like the legend behind the race and the fact that it is very challenging terrain. I also like the historical significance and themes associated with the race.

There is more race information in english on the Lost Worlds Trail Series website. And why not check out this video clip (with me 10 years ago) – especially the last minute of the clip, showing running in the bone wrecking “death zone”. The official race website in swedish.

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