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Montrail Bajada Outdry – a great winter running shoe

November 11, 2012

Montrail Bajada Outdry – my pick for wet winter running.

Winter running can be both wet and cold, especially for trail runners feet with muddy and slushy trails. Therefore it was a bliss to try out the Montrail Bajada Outdry a rainy day the past week. My feet managed to stay dry despite crossing several puddles. During 2012 I have been using the regular Bajada’s(291g) frequently, so I was looking forward testing their waterproof siblings. The Bajada model is basically a fairly lightweight allround trail shoe with enough cushioning for longer runs, even on harder trails (thus a great alternative for ultra trails). It’s comfortable and allows a snug fit if needed. The outsole has lots of small studs and provides great traction on most surfaces.

Snowline Spikes for adventure trail running and trekking will allow you to run everywhere. Easy to store in bag, put on and remove. However, be careful ripping those sensitive rocks and trails!

The upper gives enough protection also for techincal rocky trails. Especially for long outings I enjoy staying warm and dry, so I’m sure I will be wearing the Bajada Outdry’s for my weekend runs this winter. I recommend this model to my clients who are looking for a shoe for winter running. However, it doesn’t have spikes, which you might require for true winter conditions.

When the trails are slippery covered with ice and snow I will most probably put on the Snowline spikes, for serious grip. In the box of upcoming product reviews there is also: X-Running Windstopper Shoe Gaiter from Gore, and these matching beauties in neon yellow: Gore X-Running AS Jacket and windstopper gloves. As you might have guessed – I love staying dry in winter!

Finally I want to salute Björn Rydvall (Sweden) and Aaron Prince (NZL) in Team Silva who won the Elite class in OMM. Read their race story here. 2012 has been a truly great year for Swedish trail running, with Jonas Buud’s performances in Swiss Alpine & UTMB, and Emelie Forsberg’s convincing debut year on the international mountain racing scene, claiming the Sky runner World title. Team Silva’s brilliant performance in the OMM definitely earns respect.

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