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Feeling the trail

April 18, 2013
Feel the trail!

Feel the trail!

Some trails I know well. The quick bends. The sudden drops. I know what kind of pressure I need to have on the foot, which need of traction and where it’s slippery when wet. I know how to curve my body in the air to enable a seamless stride in a particularly technical section. These trails have become like old friends. Re-visiting my old trails I’m filled with memories like: that’s where I sprained the ankle, or that’s where I met the badger and that’s where I saw the Nature Man, un-dressed like aboriginal jungle men, wearing only a string, one warm spring afternoon. I know where to find chanterells and blueberries along the trail, and where I slept in lee from a rock, a sunny winter morning some years ago.

There are many places along the trails where I use to stop and rest. How I love to stop running and just listening. Like yesterday, when it began raining. Listening to the sound of million tiny crashes, it can blow my mind away. Running trails like that is like caressing. Not having run an semi-untrailed ridgeline for a few weeks I sometimes lose the line, which reminds me that there are many possible lines. And recently I have been re-discovering forgotten trails, marvellous trails, which in turn shows me new trails, which is a bliss. And the moose is back, standing on the trail, staring at me, protecting her calves.

Directly into the bathtub. My muddy Inov-8 Roclite 243's deserves some pampering after a great run.

Directly into the bathtub. My muddy Inov-8 Roclite 243’s deserves some pampering after a great run.

Today I’m sore, after yesterday’s 2,5H tough trailrun. My body tells me it’s a rest day, and that I might should keep using my Full Leg Compression sleeves. The race Kullamannen Ultra is getting closer: May 11, approx 50 K with +2000m. I’m not there yet, so every day is crucial. Out of my big box of shoes I’m leaning at Pearl Izumi Trail N1 or why not the Montrail Bajada’s? The Salomon Sense Ultra’s will be too hard – I will need more cushioning. One of my favourite shoes this spring is Inov-8 Roclite 243, flexible and thin with lovely ground feel with 3 mm drop. But it’s too thin for the upcoming ultra. For me at least.

With the mercury rising after a long winter it’s finally possible to run in shorts and T-shirt. But I’m already worrying about those tics…

Ultra strong runner Fernanda Maciel from Brasil prefer running with calf sleeves from CompresSport.

Ultra strong runner Fernanda Maciel from Brasil prefer running with calf sleeves from CompresSport.

Coaching- wise I did a mindful running clinic with a large group from Fysiken the past monday. I’m scheduled to lead a ’natural running’ clinic with Clarion Hotel & New Balance. I will also lead a ’natural running’ clinic with clients of running specialists Löp&Sko Kliniken.

Journo-wise the rewiew with the 9 remaining trail shoes will be featured in next issue of Utemagasinet, together with my picks of innovative running gear. Hot picks include Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Jacket (47g).

Here is a suggestion for Göteborg residents. Check out TNF ultra runner Fernanda Maciel talking about her running at TNF store in Arkaden 20 april 12.00-13.00. She will also be leading a run in Skatås Friday 19th at 17.00. Application here. Fernanda recently ran the Santiago de Compostela walk in 10 days and is a world class ultra trail runner.

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  1. April 18, 2013 18:33

    I still have the lightest 45 gram or ladies 38 grams ! Fred…

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