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How to prepare for an ultra-trail

July 3, 2013
Fernanda Maciel. Photo credits: The North Face

Fernanda Maciel. Photo credits: The North Face

We caught up with The North Face runner Fernanda Maciel to ask her one simple question. How do you prepare for an ultra trail race like Lavaredo?

“One week before a race is always the moment when I really need to take care of my health and myself. Why? Because it is always when I’ve been doing my latest and hardest training and I really feel tired from that.

So it is very important to keep my immune system strong by resting, sleeping, eating and cleaning well (with vitamins and mineral salt) to keep my energy up. Getting great massages and stretching my body helps as well. Another important part is keeping my mind free of problems or negative thoughts before the race. Meditation and reiki are some techniques that work for me.

The week before the race is always a busy week for me but I try to keep focused on the race and I try to enjoy all the moments of this big event. It is not just about running …I think it’s beautiful and great if I can share my feelings and emotions with others runners before, during and after the Ultra.

My diet is to eat clean and healthy, so no mystery there. I drink lots of water too. But essentially everybody knows what works best for themselves before a long run like an Ultra. However, I always say a good red wine after the race is needed…to keep my heart smiling.” Here is a link to the article.

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