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Kilian and Stevie – Sky champions

October 14, 2013
Aritz Egea followed by Kilian Jornet. ©iancorless

Aritz Egea followed by Kilian Jornet. ©iancorless

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A fast race, a deep field.  The final race of the Sky Series had some surprises in store.  Kilian Jornet didn’t surprise anyone however and cruised to the finish after staying with the lead runners till the summit, where he changed gear and sped down the steep rocky descent to finish in 2h17’03” and confirm his 2013 Sky Series champion title.

Stevie Kremer raced hard and her strength paid off.  Pushed by Antonella Confortola and Emelie Forsberg, the three led the women’s race, alternating the lead until Stevie put 2’ on her rivals three-quarters through the race to close in 2h46’13”. A new record, a new champion.  The women’s title was between Stevie and Emelie. Stevie, always strong on the ascent, also ran a great descent while Emelie, no doubt, still had some tiredeness in her legs after winning her first 100-kilometre race at UROC – and taking the Ultra Series title.

Stevie Kremer ©DROZPHOTO

Stevie Kremer ©DROZPHOTO

In the men’s field Romanian Ionut Zinca finished second just over a minute after Kilian in 2h18’27”, followed by Spaniard Artiz Egea who closed an excellent third in 2h18’53”. Further down the line, newbie skyrunner David Schneider from Austria was fourth and Moroccan Zaid Ati Malek, fifth. A great Luis Alberto Hernando, despite an injury causing him to finish in 56th position, maintains his second position in the Series.

The 2013 skyrunning season is at an end but for several runners – and nations new to the sport, the adventure has just begun.

American Alex Nichols, in his first skyrunning year, took third position in the Series finals;  Austrian David Schneider , 4th, and Norwegian Thorbjorn Ludvigsen, 9th ran their first-ever SkyRace® today.   Among the ladies, Briton Tessa Hill, a Vertical specialist, was 4th;  Spaniard Leire Aguirrezabala, in her first-ever SkyRace®, an excellent 5th….



Nearly 500 runners set off including some of the best of the world’s skyrunners on the short steep and rocky 23.5 km course. With 2,002m vertical climb, the race started and finished in the small resort of Limone on the shores of Lake Garda offering a spectacular panorama.  Last year’s male record set by Italian Marco De Gasperi in 2h13’34 stands.

Limone Extreme race results: Men 1. Kilian Jornet (ESP) Salomon –  2h17’03, 2. Ionut Zinca (ROU) Valetudo Skyrunning Italia – 2h18’27”, 3. Aritz Egea (EMF) – 2h18’53”, 4. David Schneider (AUT) inov-8 – 2h20’40”, 5. Zaid Ait Malek –  2h21’09”

Women: 1. Stevie Kremer (Salomon Agisko) – 2h46’13”, 2. Antonella Confortola (GS Forestale) – 2h53’58”, 3. Emelie Forsberg (Salomon) – 2h54’54”, 4. Tessa Hill (Arc’teryx) –  2h58’20”, 5. Leire Aguirrezabala (EMF) – 2h58’54”

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