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Meeting the moose

October 21, 2013
Photo: Fredrik Ölmqvist

Photo 1: Fredrik Ölmqvist

The other day I went for a run with a friend.  At a certain point I turned around just to check. Photo 1 is what I first saw. Photo 2 after moving a bit to the side. And Photo 3: going back 10 meters. It’s always very special to meet the moose.

Photo 2: Fredrik Ölmqvist

Photo 2: Fredrik Ölmqvist

Looking at the pictures again I get an eerie feeling that this wasn’t the first time the moose was watching me. Incidently this picture was taken during the annual moose hunting week. Less than a minute before this encounter we met a roe deer that behaved somewhat strange, walking in a circle around us.  My experience from many moose encounters is that they are vigilant. They will watch your every move. If you get too close they can be somewhat nervous. Best is to get out of their way & sight without any fast movements. Do not try to approach them. Particularly not when they’re with their calves, since this will only trigger their protective instincts. They will kick you and can hurt you really, really bad.

Photo 3: Fredrik Ölmqvist

Photo 3: Fredrik Ölmqvist

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