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The art of running as ‘a graceful release’

February 6, 2020

Images can be very useful when learning to run with good technique. I agree that the performed art of running can be like ‘a graceful release’.
Imagine you’re the pilot in cockpit before the start, checking the instruments, starting from the top:

#1. Posture. It should be erect and proud, like Usain Bolt entering the arena: tall, open chest and relaxed, perhaps with a smile.

#2. The Bounce: how you meet the ground. You can use the image of Muhammad Ali ”Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee”: bounce like you are jumping ropes. This is the rhythm you want to keep when you start running.

#3. Precision of movements. You are Pinocchio, the jumping jack puppet, hanging from a string. There are 4 other strings: pulling knees forward and elbows backward.

#4. Now you combine # 1 to 3 while running in place.
Tall and erect.
Feet bouncing like a basketballs.
Knees forward. Feet moving vertically – not horisontally.
Elbows backward. Hands moving ’from-hip-to-nip’.
Do this until it feels ‘natural’.

#5. The lean.
While performing #1-3 try to lean, not from the hip but from the ankle. If done correctly you are now moving forward. Repeat and repeat again!

#6. Pay Attention!
As with the body we also need to pay attention to the attitude and mindset. ”Quality requires attention” as the buddhists say.

liten 0336

Running with a slight forward lean, straight from the ankle. Photo: Svante Lundgren


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  1. February 8, 2020 7:50

    Good to read again fro you. Hope you have nice new goals. Check the himalrace2020 a spectaculair 900k race trough the Himalaya.

    All the best


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